The American Age

Season 5


Monday Apr 25, 2022

209 - The hosts discuss the media’s representations of recent parental rights and transgender sports bills. How much is moral panic? How fair is the coverage? The hosts look at the actual legislation as well as the stories about the legislation.

Monday Apr 11, 2022

208 - The hosts discuss the implications of Smith smacking Rock. Is this a further breakdown in our collective civic space, a breakdown amongst elites, or just some a random human event? War and the history of “grooming” are also up for discussion.

Monday Mar 28, 2022

207 - The hosts discuss Jussie Smollett and the various responses to his case. If Smollett is the boundary case, a caricature of how a person can manipulate social forces for personal gain, what other examples exist in 21st century America? Is this a cautionary tale of our culture's preoccupation with race, or a byproduct of meaningful progress?

Monday Mar 14, 2022

206 - The hosts continue their discussion of Joe Rogan and his podcast. The conversation opens up from there as they consider the importance of free speech in a functioning democracy.

Monday Feb 28, 2022

205 - The hosts discuss Joe Rogan and the latest controversies surrounding his podcast. They also spend some time talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and do a mighty fine job of tying them together.

Monday Feb 14, 2022

204 - What’s the difference between honoring our bodies and promoting our bodies? Can we talk about health and wellness and still make room for a variety of shapes and sizes? The hosts talk Lizzo, busybodies, and Joe Rogan. 

Monday Jan 31, 2022

203 - Steven asks Seph and Travis to reflect on the podcast itself. Over 200 episodes in, what do the hosts think about what they’re doing. Who do they think is listening? And why don’t they do more to promote their conversations?

Monday Jan 17, 2022

202 - Bari Weiss wrote a book on Anti-semitism. The philosopher Judith Butler criticized it. The hosts try to understand that criticism and each other as they work through our unfair biases, and our unfair grievances.

Monday Jan 03, 2022

201 - In response to Episode 200, the hosts play a game called “one degree of white supremacy.” Steven and Seph sent Travis a list of major headlines. Travis claimed that with one Google search he would find a connection between that story and the problem of “white supremacy”--regardless of the story. Tune in to hear the results.

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