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What if your favorite college professors were willing to talk about everything from philosophy and politics to pop culture and love with the same kind of consideration and enthusiasm? Each week C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss life, culture, and art, and challenge their listeners to take fewer things for granted and all things more seriously.

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Monday Jan 15, 2024

229 - The hosts catch up after a long absence. They discuss current and future projects, and give their takes on why the podcast ended its nearly 5 year run.

Thursday Jun 15, 2023

0228 - The hosts welcome Dr. Deborah Cullen-Morales to the podcast, Program Officer at the Mellon Foundation. They discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with championing the work of Latin American artists in the United States. Cultural assimilation, agglomeration, recognition, and visibility are discussed.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

227 - This month's guest is Sydney Baloue, a TV writer, scholar, and advocate for trans rights. Seph, Steven, Travis and Sydney talk about Ballroom culture, gender, race, and how careful we should be with language.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

226 - Welcome to The (new) American Age podcast. Seph, Steven, and Travis welcome their first guest, Nick Mirzoeff. Nick is a visual culture theorist, New York University professor and author of White Sight: Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness. The hosts and their guest discuss confederate statues, structural racism, and his new book White Sight. We hope you enjoy!

Monday Dec 05, 2022

225 - The hosts catch up about Kanye West, and discuss their new podcast format. Beginning in January, the podcast will move to a monthly format with guests and a longer runtime. Listen in on the reasons and catch up about current events.

Monday Nov 21, 2022

224 - What are “weak” social connections, and why are they so important? The hosts discuss the role of weak connections in US civic life.

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

032 - Travis and Seph reflect individually on podcast episode 223- “Practicing Intellectual Intimacy: The Hosts Hash It Out.”

Monday Nov 07, 2022

223 - Seph and Travis work towards understanding their differences. Republicans, populism, pandemics, empathy, and friendship are all up for discussion.

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

031 - The hosts reflect on podcast episode 222 - “No Place Like Home.” Steven shares the reasons why he loves his home in New York City. Seph talks about what a home really means to him. Travis expresses his love for humanity, tempered by the potential damage large groups of empowered people can inflict.

No Place Like Home

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Monday Oct 24, 2022

222 - Seph, Steven, and Travis discuss finding, making, and feeling at home.


Why does the American flag look like this?

As you can see, our flag is different.
We believe in the American idea that all men and women are equal before the law and enjoy rights that are intrinsic and inalienable. We also believe, along with Thomas Jefferson, that because men and women are imperfect, and their wisdom is limited and fleeting, that this idea must be renewed periodically in order to remain vital...

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The American Age is a salutary response to the disease at the core of American civic culture. It is a rejection of intellectual cynicism, historical amnesia, and the politics of dread. It is a rooster call to stir our fellow humanists awake.


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