The American Age

Season 3


Unlucky Days 2020

Monday Dec 28, 2020

Monday Dec 28, 2020

157 – The hosts return to those liminal days between Christmas and New Year for their yearly recap. What are we to make of 2020?

Monday Dec 21, 2020

156 – We all know things that we willfully forget. What are the things that you know about yourself and the world that you avoid knowing?

Monday Dec 14, 2020

155 – Is it still relevant in the age of the internet to “know” things about the world? Join the hosts as they continue their discussion on the state of knowledge.

Monday Dec 07, 2020

154 – How do we know what we know? It’s a pretty old question, and particularly relevant in the “Fake News” era. Join the hosts as they discuss the state of knowledge.

Monday Nov 30, 2020

153 – The hosts conclude their conversation on slut shaming. Does the power to say “yes” hinge on the responsibility to say “no”?

Monday Nov 23, 2020

152 – The hosts talk about the tension between individual liberty, and community responsibility. Is it ever okay to shame people to influence their behavior?

Monday Nov 16, 2020

151 – The hosts explore slut shaming in heteronormative and homosexual contexts. What is being invoked when we call someone a “slut”?

Monday Nov 09, 2020

150 – The hosts interrupt their current conversation to review the results of the 2020 presidential election. What do the deeply divided election results mean for the future of the U.S.?

Monday Nov 02, 2020

149 – There’s a lot of talk about “rape culture” but there are counter currents in Western culture too. Progress ebbs and flows. What does Cardi B’s latest hit WAP tell us about women’s sexual liberation?

Slut Shaming - Introductions

Monday Oct 26, 2020

Monday Oct 26, 2020

148 – Curtailing women’s sexual liberty has been a nearly universal cultural priority for thousands of years. But why? What does “slut shaming” look like in the early 21st century, and why is it still a thing?

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